What we do



Each week during term time we run a Junior Club for ages 7-11. For more information click here.







We also run the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme for those aged 14 and up. Click here to find out more.




Why we do it…

Cedars recognises the needs of children and young people to have a safe space, away from home and school pressures where they can relax, be safe and feel safe. We also seek to address further needs, such as difficult home conditions and problems in school.

The difficulties can often bring about feelings of inadequacy, failure and a lack of confidence, self- esteem and self- belief, all of which Cedars try to address through a varied programme of activities to support young people and their individual needs.

Our young people are searching for and struggling to find their identity. We want to be sure that we can meet the needs of as many of these young people as possible and to have the opportunity to introduce each young person to the love of God.